Public Liability (Industrial & Non-Industrial Poli

 With the growing awareness amongst the general public regarding their rights and remedies have lead towards an increasing trend to claim for any suffering caused to them.

Thus including this aspect in the risk management philosophy of the company has become a practice.

Moreover considering the manufacturing risks now days due to use of certain materials/equipments, high concentration of estimated liability at one place like the surrounding area of the industrial setup, if any mishap occurs then chances of damage to surrounding property is high both in terms of severity and quantum.

Visitors like clients, officials for regulatory bodies, other visitors etc also pose a risk as high profiled visitors may turn out to be high exposure to liability lest they suffer anything due to their visit to the premises.


  • The insurer undertakes to indemnify the insured for bodily injury or property damage claims arising out of accidents, arising out of and in connection with business, and the defense costs incurred in connection thereto.
  • The policy also covers if any liability towards third party arises out of Canteen services, social services, welfare services etc within the premises
  • Instances where the claim is made towards any officer / representative purely for any property damage or bodily injury instead of the company, then also the claim is payable if it is within scope of coverage

Certain Add on Coverage which may be opted as per requirement of business

  • Pollution Coverage
  • Discharge of Treated Effluents
  • Act Of God Perils Extension