Personal Accident Insurance


Personal Accident Insurance


Each one of us in our day to day life is exposed to risks of accidents, though exposure to some is more than the others. Besides the man made risks, the natural hazards like lightning, flood, earthquake etc. are equally responsible for accidents.

Personal Accident Insurance has been designed for individual or members of various groups to provide compensation or financial assistance in case one suffers from Death or Disability due to some External, Accidental and Violent means.


The Policy provides for payment of fixed amount (benefit) on happening of specified contingency caused by External, Accidental and Violent means. An accident may include events like:

  • Rail, road, air accident
  • Injury due to any collision / fall
  • Injury due to bursting of gas cylinder
  • Snake bite.
  • Burn injury, drowning, poisoning, etc.

This is only an illustrative list, not an exhaustive list.


   Contingency                                                           Amount of Compensation

1). Death                                                                     100% of Capital Sum Insured

2). Loss of two limbs, two eyes,

or one limb & one eye                                            100%  of Capital Sum Insured

3). Loss of one limb or one eye                                  50%  of Capital Sum Insured

4). Permanent Total Disablement from

Injuries other than those name above                   100%  of Capital Sum Insured


5)  Permanent Partial Disablement (PPD)                 Specific % of Capital Sum Insured

6)  Temporary Total Disablement (TTD)                    1% of Capital Sum Insured per week.

The coverage is world-wide.

The capital sum insured to be opted depends on the annual income of the particular person.

The best part of this policy is that it compensates the amount of salary for that particular period when the insured person is temporarily confined due to some accident and is not able to attend his occupation / profession.