Group Personal Accident Insurance

 The essential part of an organization is human beings. As a part of HR policy, many organizations take a Group Personal Accident Insurance cover to seek protection to their employees.

Nowadays accidents are a matter of common occurrence and can cause Death or Disablement. An Insurance coverage would be essentially required to provide protection to the members of an organization. A Group Personal Accident Policy is an ideal solution for this.


The policy has been designed to provide compensation in the event of the insured person sustaining injuries, solely and directly from an Accident Caused by Violent, Visible and External means, resulting into

  1.  Death,
  2.  Permanent Total Disablement (PTD),
  3.  Permanent Partial Disablement (PPD)
  4.  Temporary Total Disablement (TTD). 
  5.  Medical Expenses Cover ( OPD & IPD)

The coverage is Worldwide.

The policy provides for payment of specified amount (benefit) on happening of specified contingency due to the accident. An Accident may include events like:

  • Rail, Road, Air Accident
  • Injury due to any collision / fall
  • Injury due to bursting of gas cylinder
  • Snake bite, Frost bite
  • Burn injury, Drowning, Poisoning, etc.

This is only an illustrative list, not an exhaustive list.

The proposer can either opt for a basic cover for Death only for which the premium is minimum or one can take an upgraded cover to include Permanent Total Disablement / Permanent Partial Disablement / Temporary Total Disablement/ Medical Expenses Cover.

We can even customize the product by incorporating coverage for Loan Protection, Child Education Support, etc.